In the Beginning

In 1997, UP Town members initiated a new approach to urban revitalization. They persuaded the City to share fundscollected from neighborhood parking meters with the community. UP Town Partnership is the community nonprofit corporation that manages those funds for the benefit of the community.

What We Do

UP Town Partnership spends its share of the meter money to improve parking access, traffic movement, and walkability in UP Town. As you travel through UP Town, notice the walk signals that count the seconds remaining before the light changes, enjoy the colorfully-painted utility boxes, take advantage of renovated sidewalks and curbs, or follow the “P for parking” signs to find a space. Forget about fumbling for change when you park – buy a parking meter card at the Partnership’s office or website.

Behind the scenes, UP Town is working with local, regional, and state agencies to provide more parking in commercial areas, to analyze traffic patterns on high-volume streets, and to recommend street improvements that make walking easier and safer. Its staff also cooperates with other community organizations to ease the concerns of businesses and residents during street and sidewalk construction projects.

Who We Support:

Who We Are

UP Town Partnership is an energetic team made up of a resourceful staff and a dedicated board of directors with one purpose – to create a better town. Our vision statement keeps us energized and focused on results.

We are committed to developing a vibrant community through creative collaborations that enhance the vitality of our businesses, sustain the health of our residential community, and promote a cohesive neighborhood.