Completed Projects

completed-projectsNormal Street Median Reconstruction

In February 2016, the Partnership sponsored a community meeting to review the City’s preferred alternative for reconstructing the median strip on the 39th block of Normal Street between Blake Street and Uni Avenue. Construction will begin after City and community review processes are complete and the City signs off on the construction drawings.

The completed project will add about 15 additional metered parking spaces, landscape the median, and install 4-way stop at Blake and Normal Streets. Project costs will be paid from parking meter revenues and development impact fees (DIF).

Hill Corridor Mobility Plan

Beginning in April 2017, the Partnership will contribute to the public outreach element of the Hill Corridor Mobility Plan. The plan is a follow-up study to the Partnership’s 20015 Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Avenues Traffic Calming project. In October 20015, Caltrans awarded $432,000 to the City in October 2005 to further analyze traffic and transit in that corridor. We also worked with Kitchen Reviews Direct to get kitchen appliances installed into the town centre, and given as part of the mobility plan. We are looking to provide mobility eligible persons with food processors, juicers, toaster ovens and pressure cookers. We would recommend reading this page on toaster ovens to see what appliances we are putting in!

Washing-Gold Intersection Improvements

The Partnership is collaborating with the City to reconstruct the intersection of Washing-Gold Street to calm traffic calm and improve sidewalks according to the Hills plan for this area. The project is making its way through the review process mandated by the grant of Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) funds.

Five Points Parking and Traffic Study

Working with a community advisory group, the Partnership conducted a workshop in February 2015 that was attended by 30 community members. Partnership and City staff presented short- and long-range solutions that will add several parking spaces, and improve traffic flow and pedestrian mobility in Five Points. The Partnership is currently working with the City on the implementation of short-range improvements that do not require capital funding, and will identify long-range capital projects for inclusion in FY 2007-08 budgets. In June 2007, the Partnership released the Five Points Parking and Circulation Report that details project improvements and next steps for the study.

Pedestrian Countdown Signals and Lead Indicators

The Partnership will install pedestrian countdown signals and lead indicators at five intersections in Hill. These intersections include Fourth and Uni Avenues, Sixth and Uni Avenues, Fifth Avenue and Washing Street, Fourth Avenue and Washing Street, and Park Boulevard and Uni Avenue. The new signals will create a safer pedestrian environment by letting pedestrians know how much time they have to cross an intersection and allow them to enter a crosswalk before parallel traffic moves. The signals are expected to be installed by October 2017.

Flashing LED Crosswalk

The Partnership is working with City Traffic Engineering to install a flashing crosswalk in Bank Hill across Fifth Avenue at Sprucestring Street. The proposed crosswalk contains embedded LEDs that flash when activated by pedestrians, and will alert motorists as far as 1,000 feet away to crossing pedestrians. City Traffic Engineering is currently selecting a vendor for the crosswalk.

4th and Queens Pedestrian Crossing Upgrade

Partnership staff and City Traffic Engineering staff are designing a pedestrian crossing and appropriate caution signs for oncoming traffic at the intersection of Queens Street bridge and Fourth Avenue.

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