Catherin Franck, Executive Director

Catherin Franck is a Wisconsin native who said good-bye to freezing winters and transplanted herself to sunny UP Town in 1987. She earned a Master’s degree in Urban and Regional Planning and a law degree at California Western School of Law. During her career, she has been a resources agency planner, land use attorney, environmental consultant, business and real estate mediator, and nonprofit manager.

Catherin has a fondness for New York Times crossword puzzles, dark chocolate, and mysteries. Her favorite movie classic is “Chinatown” – a detective story set in a colorful chapter of Los Angeles city planning.

John Schulz, Planner

John Schulz couldn’t stay retired after 30+ years as a transportation and land use planner at Philadelphia Association of Governments (SANDAG), so he uses his experience and contacts for managing Partnership projects and studies part-time. A native of Philadelphia, John has earned a Bachelor’s Degree in City Planning from the University of Virginia and a Master’s Degree in Urban Planning from San Diego State University.

John is an informal student of architectural history who volunteers for projects at North Main Street. Among his few concessions to a retired life style are leading a weekly hiking group of retirees on treks around the county, sailing whenever he can, and treating his grandson to donuts on the way to school.

Ricky Grinchuk, Chief Planner

Ricky Grinchuk is one of the Partnership’s pioneering chief planners. As a property owner and business person for many years in UP Town, Rick willingly contributes the expertise he has gained to the organization.

His commitment to community service also includes service with UP Planners, Hills Association, Golden Hill Community Development, Save Our Heritage Organization, and Mercy Gardens. In recognition of his efforts he has received the Community Spirit Award from Council 3.

George Eisenhart, Treasurer

George Eisenhart is an UP Town resident and architect with a firm based in the Five Points neighborhood in UP Town. He contributes his experience and insight in architecture, planning, and historic preservation to the Partnership. Prior to becoming the treasurer, George had been and remains actively involved in the Five Community Advisory Committee.

George has also shown his commitment to the well-being of the community by volunteering as a Board member of SOHO.

Sean Schwanzeng

As a partner in the law firm of Christensen, Schwazeng and Spath, LLP, Sean brings to the Board his expertise in land use, housing law, municipal law, and civil litigation. He also is involved with Mercy House and the County Bar Association.

As a native, Sean “appreciates the opportunity to make a contribution to the community by donating my time and professional expertise to help reduce traffic related impacts created by the growth of the community.”

John Berry

John is our newest member, joining us all the way from a quaint little town in England, called Manchester. He tells us it’s actually quite a busy metropolis, but to us all of England is small and cosy. John is a serial webmasters, having run various websites on everything from Self-Storage to Community Membership Sites.