UP Town Safety Tips

We at UP Town Partnership stay busy keeping the roads and the sidewalks safe but you too as a citizen have a duty towards the safety of your fellow town persons. Here’s a list of tips to help you contribute towards UP Town Safety.


drive-safeDriving Barefoot Is Alright

In fact, barefoot driving is way better than driving on high heels or in thongs! Yup, at least your feet won’t slip off the pedals accidentally. However, it is best to wear shoes with grippy soles.

Don’t Take Sugary Drinks or Treats

Sugar rush is a bad think. These drinks and treats tend to provide sudden energy bursts that is very short lived but you instantly get tired afterwards. Best to stick with low GI snacks and take loads of water too. Try and avoid coffee too.

Swerve To Avoid Animals Is A Strict No!

It hurts to kill an animal on road but it is way better than swerving to avoid them and colliding with oncoming traffic. Deaths have occurred because drivers tried to prevent hitting animals. Drive straight and avoid unwanted penalties or injuries.

Leave Messages on Phone

Pre-program your phone with emergency contact details, allergies and other stuff as a screensaver. This helps emergency services contact your next of kin, know your allergies and even blood type even when your phone is locked.

Clear Up Foggy Windscreens

We like our air-conditioners to stay cool in heat but tend to keep it off when the weather outside is decent. This can fog up the windscreen. Air conditioning removes extra moisture from inside the cabin and thus cleans the windscreen quick.

Fuel Gauge Indicator

There is a unique indicator near the fuel gauge that lets you know which side the fuel flap is actually on. This is great when you are driving someone else’s car and are not aware of which side to pull up on.

Drive With headlights On

It does not cost you anything to drive with headlights on at all times. This at least removes the chances of them being off in the night just because your speedometer is too bright.

Always Keep Your Insurance Updated

Does not matter what kind of vehicle you drive but you should always ensure your insurance is updated and active. Not only is it a crime to not have a valid insurance but can be detrimental in the event of any mishap. Here’s a good place to begin.

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